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Friday, April 25, 2014

Visting Aventurine HQ in Greece to meet the Darkfall team.

One of our good friend might have an opportunity in future to visit Aventurine HQ in Greece and meet up with the Darkfall team!  I am preparing some questions in advance!


Here are some questions I have for Darkfall team @ AV :-)

Questions from Jane:

  1. Any plans to update the art/style of ?
  2. Any plans of releasing a fan site kit/press kit?  Basically many game developers offers artwork and "skin" so clan website, fan site,blogs can have "Darkfall" Look N Feel.   Here is an example of GW2 fan site kit.
  3. Many players feels Darkfall is about survival of the fittest. They feel that if player is an older game or not good at twitch skills then this game is not for them.  Is there room for thousands of these players who falls under this "normal/mmorpg player" category to still enjoy the game?
  4. One of the common request is to market/advertise this game because 99% of the gamers are not aware of this amazing game.  What are your plans of increasing awareness of this game?

Questions from dfrocks

  1. Recently I read your vision and I am very excited about your many upcoming changes.  However, I was disappointed that I didn't find too much about client performance "vision".  Many people feel the game demanding hardware wise.  What are your plans for performance and supporting multi core CPUs, SLI, latest Direct X, etc. 
  2. I have friends who wants to be game developer who have recently graduated and working on mini project.  Do you have any internship opportunity?
  3. The Asian (Japanese) version of Darkfall website has a nice little section to show the progress of each faction in the server war.  Any plans of either having the live map available over the web or some conquest data outside the game for people to watch, track their server for NA/EU?
  4. Sometime we see AV patching and talking on the forums/in-game at 4:00 AM Greece local time. Do you have Night Elves in your team? 
  5. We loved the tournament Arena.  What other "tools" are you planning to introduce to allow players and GM to host more events? 
  6. Any possibility of  having a roaming/flying dragon that drops chaos chest from sky? Maybe people will trace the trail of this dragon to hunt of treasure and natural roaming "PvP" will happen? How how random roaming monsters/giants on land?

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