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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Major resistance against the SUN empire

Sun suffered a major loss as resistance steps up attack.

Darkfall EU server was in the brink of extinction when a powerful conquest centric clan called SUN was taking over majority of the holdings to increase their area of influence. Eventually many small clans put their differences aside and united to fight Sun which they see it as the "Evil Empire".

Here is a video of SUN's loosing their main holding Mar'shral, the city also known as the "crown jewel of Agon" which was completely destroyed and taken over by the resistance forces.

SUN leadership do acknowledge the  growing menace of the latest resistance forces who are getting bolder day by day, but they view these defeats as a minor set back.  SUN leadership is totally committed to protect sovereignty of their lands and holding.  SUN is planning a full blown retaliatory strike to take back their holdings with the intention to the crush the ever growing resistance into oblivion. 

Here is a role playing post written by a player name Kokane who is "the resistance"...

Skynet User Network (S.U.N.) has been challenged... 

The year is 2014. Not much of Agon remains intact. It's been almost a year since the machines took control of the land, wiping out much of what remained of life. Their relentless efforts to wipe out all the races of Agon forced pockets of survivors to scatter across the lands. Every once in a while, somebody would mount an attack against a fortress or citadel of S.U.N. but every time, the machines always had far too many and the attacks were but a scratch on the network itself.

April 22nd marks the first real strike against the machines. After a 5 hour battle accounting for thousands of lives lost, both robotic and human, their Alberworth mainframe was destroyed and seized by the resistance. Word quickly spread across the land and the scattered survivors are finally rallying to fight back. Within hours of the win at Alberworth, a chain reaction of attacks took place all across Agon, starting with the Zaghuroth mainframe.

..The War Against the Machines has officially begun.

Now is the time for all those who have spent their days hiding in fear of S.U.N. to emerge and fight, to reclaim their land and restore balance to the world. There's no telling how long this will take, but be sure to act now and be involved, one way or another. You can make a difference.

We have acquired one of the machines ourselves. We've hijacked their Gentleman Yolo vessel and now it fights for us. When Agon was destroyed the first time, we barely managed to salvage the mind of the greatest fighter that world had ever known. It has been preserved for years in its young state, but now we've successfully uploaded this mind into the Gentleman Yolo machine. Our new T-800 still has nothing on the S.U.N. T-1000 model, known as Fenix, but it's all we have right now and it's proving effective.

Everyone predicted the fall of the empire. They all said it would come one day. Well that time is now. Whatever side of history you choose to be on, choose now, because the future might turn out different than you expect. It's a future you should want to be a part of.

If you're reading this, you are the resistance.*

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