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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Darkfall Clans of North Amercia Server

Here is a list of some active clans with dedicated website playing in North America Server. For comprehensive list please visit the Official NA Recruitment forum
Clan: Nyota
Type: PvP, PvE, New Player Development
Objective: "Nyota is about finding fun in the game. We encourage all clan members to try different of the game from crafting,pve,pvp, and piracy"
Voice Comm: Unknown
Clan: Regulators!
Type: PvP, PvE, New Player Development
Objective: "A new player training and learning clan in Darkfall Unholy Wars"
Voice Comm: Ventrilo
Clan: Battle Saints
Type: PvP, PvE
Objective: "Mature citizens of Agon, both old and new, looking fer an active casual group to roam with in the defense of dwarflands."
Voice Comm: Unknown
Type: PvP, PvE, Conquest
Objective: "Organized Gaming Community inspired by the Roman Republic. Why serve when you could rule in the Imperium."
Voice Comm:Unknown
Clan:Lost Minion
Type: PvP, PvE, New Player Development, Craft
Objective: "We are a clan that thrives on the members. We bring them to this place and unite them in the never ending fight for the right"
Voice Comm: Unknown

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