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Friday, December 27, 2013

An open challenge to all great e-sports and video gamers of the world!

Are you really good in video games? How good are your in First Person Shoot (FPS) games?  Do you want to take twitching skills to the next level?

I would like you and your friends to take Darkfall challenge and uproot existing establishment in the North American server.  You can make e-history in just 30 days!

Darkfall is the most hardcore and SKILL based action MMO that currently exists in the market.  You can play as 2 types of Archers, 3 types of Warriors, 3 types of Mages, or 2 types of Healers.

If you are starting new, fear not, you can easily level your character and become PvP viable within 2 weeks. Then time to wreak the world of Agon where PvP clans like VAMP,  MOIST, Council of Elder and Really Good Friend that has been setting the PvP standard for the world of video games.

This is the perfect time because Steam ( ) is running a limited 66% off sale. You can purchase the game only for $13.54 and play free for 30 days.

I will leave you with a video for you to decide for yourself.  If you are a true PvPer, you owe yourself for this challenge! Bring a friend along.  Pass this news to other competitive video gamers.   You can find many other Darkfall related videos in my video blog

Best Wish in Your Adventure!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

*** Darkfall Unholy Wars Winter SALE 66% from Dec 19 ~ Jan 2nd ***


For $13.58 you can play for 30 days and see if you are really up to the challenge.

Darkfall Unholy Wars is an innovative, Real-Time, fast-paced, full loot PvP, Sandbox MMORPG, with player driven economy. Players are called to form clans and battle for dominance across the seamless, zoneless, uninstanced open fantasy world of Agon. 

About the Game

Darkfall Unholy Wars is an innovative, Real-Time, fast-paced, PvP, Sandbox MMORPG. Players are called to form clans and battle for dominance across the seamless, zoneless, uninstanced open fantasy world of Agon. Recruit and train new warriors, conquer fortresses and clan cities, engage in epic land and naval battles with thousands of concurrent players to build and defend powerful empires.

Key Features

A Sandbox PvP MMORPG

Participate in real-time skirmishes or massive battles, on land and sea, build, defend and conquer empires in the largest seamless, persistent world with no zones, no instances, and no artificial barriers. Forge your legend as a fierce fighter, a cunning politician, a wealthy trader or a master crafter. The possibilities are limitless.

Seamless, Zoneless, Exciting World

Experience the largest and most beautiful handcrafted world of its kind inside a seamless, real-time, and non-instanced environment. Travel through and explore five continents and countless small islands, on foot, mount, by ship or by magical means. Encounter hundreds of monsters equipped with superior AI behavior. Dynamic shadows and visual effects, a realistic day/night cycle, a huge color palette, ambient sounds and music, are pleasing to the senses and provide a uniquely immersive experience. The ability to use the environment to your advantage makes territory knowledge crucial in evading enemies or staging attacks, giving explorers a serious tactical edge.

The Uniqueness and Depth Of Skills and Roles

Forget about levels; using Darkfall Unholy Wars’ Prowess Point and Feat progression system, you can raise your chosen skills at your own pace while playing the game your way. Becoming viable is now easier than ever: Pick a Role: Warrior, Skirmisher, Elementalist, or Primalist, use their special skills and harness the power of their ultimate abilities. You will never regret your choice and your character can never become obsolete, as you can switch between roles at any time, depending on your or your team’s needs. More Roles and schools are added to the game on a regular basis.


Combat: Individual Player Skill and Teamwork

Combat is Real-Time, fast paced, with manual aiming and friendly fire. Player skill is important, while teamwork, strategy and tactics make the difference. The stakes are high with the full loot rule in effect and the combination of first person shooter style battles, mounted combat, epic sea battles, and sieges with RPG style strategy, are the recipe for a truly epic, exciting and adrenaline-charged experience.


Create and Conquer Empires

Huge sieges and Clan Wars bring the chaos of massive battles to life. Territory control is exercised by taking over cities and hamlets, capturing nearby villages and defending them against your enemies. Form strong Alliances, experience the politics and diplomacy of war, defend your allies, betray them, be betrayed, and retaliate.


The Importance Of Crafting

From the simplest sword and board to the elusive Dragon Armor, all items in Darkfall Unholy Wars are player created. War and the full loot system, fuel a perpetual need for equipment of all kind, creating a booming economy, making master crafters one of the most sought-after professions for any clan or team.


This Is An Indie Game

We at Aventurine have dedicated ourselves to creating the most fun, innovative, and best PvP MMORPG out there. The game for us starts at launch. We develop and innovate continuously throughout the game’s lifecycle, inspired by our player's feedback. You’re not just playing a game, you take part in its evolution.