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Sunday, June 22, 2014

State of Agon - Episode #6

This episode mostly covers the recently released custom roles.


Here's a little background information on these honorable guests!

Joining me tonight is a plethora of top end PvPers who will finally be able to discuss everything we've speculated on in past episodes. Some people joining me have been on before, others or new friends but the one thing we have in common is that we all love PvP.

As always here is a breakdown and mini bio of each of the guests joining me tonight.


27 years old.
Leader of Council of Elders.
Considers fighting outnumbered as his trade mark through out DFO/UW
Looking forward to the upcoming patch and bringing his old crew back
Played UO for 8 years + before DFO
Considered a top tier PvPer.

Haylando SP
18 years old.
Came Second in the Burning Embers rumble DFUW tournament.
Started playing DFUW after the release of Slayer and duelist and quickly gained a reputation for PvP.
Favours small scales PvP.

Best epic ship fight ever!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Daedrus' Tales update June 20th

The Mouth of the Shadow
Intrigued by the tale of Garroth Dagon, I set out, perhaps...[read more]

The Second Return of Garroth Dagon
The dark clouds above Sweetwater seemed to gather...[read more]

The Ghost of Savaril
The abandoned villa of Savaril was not always so empty...[read more]

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Aventurine released the most anticipated Darkfall Unholy Wars patch

Today Aventurine released the most anticipated Darkfall Unholy Wars patch commonly referred to as “Custom Role” Patch.  This patch removed all class restriction and now allows users to choose any combination of skills.  Many of the existing skills has gone through adjusted and balancing.  As part of the patch, all player prowess (XP) has been reset so that player can re purchase their skills.  

This patch changed fundamental game play.  This patch provides much needed changes to bring back tens of thousand subscriber who didn’t migrated from the old game and to rejuvenate and jolt the interest of the existing players. 

So far it looks like the patch is delivering on its promise.  The number of people in offical forum doubled.  An official stream this morning previewing the patch had the highest number of viewer of any Darkfall Unholy Stream.  Some users are also reporting login queue.  Judging from our Sanguine city cam the population have tripped in the city

Here is the patch notes for custom roles.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

State of Agon Episode #5

Players have come together and decided to create a new "talk show" series about Darkfall's current affairs.  Enjoy the fifth episode.  

Here's a brief list of topics.

Economy - mob loot tables ,new crafting mats and if they're good for new players and old. Sea tower loot, levy loot, village loot map drops and everything in-between.

World events - Do we want AV to be organising them, should the players keep organising them. How often, more FFA world events or scheduled tournament events (a league table perhaps?) More support from AV required to make these easier to run?

Naval warfare/water fighting - What do we really want to see changed in regards to naval warfare? More editions like spy glasses? More active boat use? Any way to make water fighting more interesting?

A brief talk about next weeks patch.

Here's a little background information on these honorable guests!

24 Years old Started Darkfall with the release of Unholy Wars. Tournament commentator and State of Agon Host. Combat/Siege leader of Lux,TFK and now SUN Was in the British Army for 7 years. Feel free to call me Dan

EU Race war footage from June 3rd. is made up of 6 races.  On EU server players decided to align themselves with their own race for this event and escalated a large war against other races.  This event had 100s of participants. There will be more similar event in future based on the large participation and interest. Furion Hunter from EU organized this event.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Daedrus' Tales latest entries.

Secret of the Eastern Shores

I've pored over countless scrolls, tomes, and accounts of the Third Alberian Fleet of Alberworth, but...(read at Daedrus' Tales Blog)

The Broken Temple of Verthandir

Long before the existence of the Tovarr race, before the Dwarves of Ymir sacrificed themselves...(read at Daedrus' Tales Blog)