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Sunday, June 8, 2014

State of Agon Episode #5

Players have come together and decided to create a new "talk show" series about Darkfall's current affairs.  Enjoy the fifth episode.  

Here's a brief list of topics.

Economy - mob loot tables ,new crafting mats and if they're good for new players and old. Sea tower loot, levy loot, village loot map drops and everything in-between.

World events - Do we want AV to be organising them, should the players keep organising them. How often, more FFA world events or scheduled tournament events (a league table perhaps?) More support from AV required to make these easier to run?

Naval warfare/water fighting - What do we really want to see changed in regards to naval warfare? More editions like spy glasses? More active boat use? Any way to make water fighting more interesting?

A brief talk about next weeks patch.

Here's a little background information on these honorable guests!

24 Years old Started Darkfall with the release of Unholy Wars. Tournament commentator and State of Agon Host. Combat/Siege leader of Lux,TFK and now SUN Was in the British Army for 7 years. Feel free to call me Dan
Furion Hunter. 24 Years old. Leader of Immortals. PPlayed since the start of DFO Run many events including DFO tournaments up to DFUW Race wars. Known by many as the Radial wheel King.

Doll Parts. 23 years old. Officer of Bad Pirates. New player to the DFUW franchise. Played the game Forge at a professional level (PvP arena type) Loves to cook IRL.  

Kaluven Pls. 31 years old. Officer of SUN been gaming for 25 years starting with the Sinclair zx81 Played through many MMOs such as, Star wars Galaxies,Ultima Online,AoC to name a few. Considers himself a massive "Game mechanics" Nerd loving all things stat related. Loves all things boat related in-game.

Elania. 25 Years old
Started DFO 6 months after release.
Officer of TFK.
PvP focused and winner of UW tournaments.
Known for his fantastic Elementalist play at a smell/medium group size level.
Leader of Shade. Cry of Havoc in Eve Online.

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