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Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Player Guide by Kingsnuff

Darkfall Guides

Darkfall New Player Guides by Kingsnuff

Find out what class you want to play

Under role management you can change your class at any time or your primary / secondary school. Press i to bring this up, at the top you can click the pink arrows < Warrior > to switch classes. Once you decide a class drag your primary school into the first dotted box and your secondary school into the second dotted box. If you are interested in any class it is good to play around before you purchase a booster. The school is not as important to decide before buying boosters mainly you want to decide which base class.

Skrimisher is a great solo class, best at escape and good damage output. Duelist is a more melee based role using 1h (one handed) weapons to do big burst damage, and archery while at range. Deadeye is ranged and will focus on the bow. Brawler is the mobile school which is great for kiting and escape, you will pair brawler as your secondary most likely, the ultimates of deadeye and duelist are much more powerful.

Warrior is a great tank with good consistent damage output. Battle brand is an easier role to play since you do not have to aim your abilities. Baresark is has a solid ultimate abilitiy that is very popular right now (pulverize) damage + knock-back + blind. Slayer is a solid role with good life stealing abilities and stamina drains.

Elementalist is a glass cannon, very squishy and fairly difficult to play because of this. They are awesome low/mid range PvE but taper off to all the immunities to the spells. You will need "dust of the elements" to cast any spell besides staffbolt, these are purchased from the magic supplier in town. Turn on your "points of interest" overlay on the map to find this npc. You can also find the Spellmaster near the magic supplier to see what spells you can purchase later on. Water school is the crowd control school with a powerful ultimate (blizzard) huge aoe with stam drain + slowing + damage. Air is good as primary and secondary, has a good knock-back and blind that is very useful in pvp, the spells do not have long range. Fire is fun, with good splash damage and range the ultimate isnt as useful after the nerf but its still ok (Heatstroke) is now another Nuke spell with a lingering aoe on the ground.

Primalist is the best support class, good class if you love healing. Fairly hard/slow to solo PvE with. Some people use the Str boosters to level up with then switch to Wisdom later on for PvP. You will need "spirit beads" to cast any spell besides staffbolt, these are purchased from the magic supplier in town. Turn on your "points of interest" overlay on the map to find this npc. You can also find the Spellmaster near the magic supplier to see what spells you can purchase later on. Chaos is in the works and should be soon after this writing. Law and Life are solid roles. I like law solo and life for groups, law can also work for groups.

Update: I have been playing Chaos quite a bit since it was released and enjoy it a lot. It is a solid and fun 1v1 class and decent for pve. In group fights I still prefer Life/Law or Law/Life for group pvp for the added survivability that Bastion and Invigorate give me.

*You can purchase arrows from the battle supplier in town and check out new abilities you can purchase later on from the Battlemaster. Turn on your "points of interest" overlay on the map to find this npc.

If you want more details on the schools visit:

Starting Off

When you first join the game I recommend finishing the starter feats that will automatically be tracking in the top left corner of your screen. After you finish this up explore the entire safe zone when you are up for it to see what mobs are around for you to fight. A great starter mob is goblins, they will drop a little bit of gold, armor and weapons for you to start gearing up. If you are the crafter type you could just jump right into harvesting the appropriate raw materials to make your armor/weapons. You can look up all required materials by pressing U / General Skills / Crafting Skills then click on whatever you are thinking of crafting. For example Armorsmithing / Metal Armor / Chain Mail Armor / Chain Mail Belt - 1 gold, 1 iron ingot, 1 leather.

If you are not wearing at least 5 pieces of armor you will have a "Critical Penalty". If you press P you will see this in the bottom right corner of the "Attributes and Protections" section. This is also the area to add points to your base stats (str/dex/wis/int). Wearing even just your lowest set of armor is helpful when starting off, and its very simple to supply this yourself. I recommend, unless you truly hate crafting, to bring your main weapon and armor crafting skills up to 75 in skill level (50 for tailoring since there is no new set at 75 level). Being able to have a good supply of r30 weapons and basic armor is a huge benefit in a full loot game. You can also pull off most pve in the game with that basic gear.

Crafting your own gear basics

You will start with a 75% chance to succeed so bring extra mats.

Warrior, 1 Full Set of Chain mail Armor: 16 Iron Ingots, 12 Leather, 10 Gold

16 Iron Ingots is crafted at the smithy under smelting skill. 40 Iron ore and 8 gold will refine into 16 Iron ingots. 12 leather is crafted at the workbench under tanning skill.18 rawhide and 6 gold will refine into 12 leather use the smithy again and select armorsmithing to make a full set of chain mail armor for yourself.

Skirmisher, 1 Full Set of Padded Armor: 16 Leather, 10 Gold

16 leather is crafted at the workbench under tanning skill. 24 rawhide and 8 gold will refine into 16 leather, use the workbench again and select leatherworking to make a full set of padded armor for yourself.

Primalist, 1 Full Set of Simple Robes: 12 Cloth, 2 Iron Ingots, 2 Leather, 10 Gold

12 cloth is crafted at the workbench under weaving skill. 30 cotton and 6 gold will refine into 12 cloth. 3 rawhide and 1 gold will refine into 2 leather by using the crafting workbench and selecting the tanning skill. 5 iron ore and 1 gold will refine into 2 iron ingots by using the smithy and selecting the smelting skill. Use the workbench again and select tailoring / robes / primalist robes to make a full set of fine armor for yourself.

Elementalist, 1 Full Set of Simple Robes: 17 Cloth, 10 Gold 17 cloth is crafted at the workbench under weaving skill, 45 cotton and 9 gold will refine into 18 cloth. Use the workbench again and select tailoring / robes / elementalist robes to make a full set of fine armor for yourself.

Harvesting in the safe zone will yield no essences which are very valuable and needed to craft high tier armor and weapons. I do a lot of harvesting in danger zone 4 and 5 close to chaos banks so I can bank often. Sometimes I do this naked if i'm mostly afk, and sometimes i'll do this with lower gear to give myself a slight chance of winning the fight. Nodes will refill every 3 hours.

Boosters (Permanent self buff)

Press i to bring up the role management page and at the bottom you can see all of the booster possibilities. "The Strong" will give you +40 str and +150 hit points, this is ideal for melee warrior. "The Agile" will give you +40 dex and +150 stamina , this is ideal for archery warrior and skirmisher. "The Smart" will give you +40 int and +150 mana, this is ideal for elementalists. "The wise" will give you +40 wis and +150 mana, this is ideal for primalist.

You can only have one booster type active up at a time, but all 4 of that type will be used when activated. The first full set of boosters will cost a total of 3,000 prowess. The second full set will cost 6,000 prowess. The third full set will cost 9,000 prowess. The fourth and final set will cost 12,000 prowess a total of 30,000 if you want all booster types. This is why its important when starting off to decide what class/booster you would like to stick with for a while. Its not too bad to get the 2nd type, but if you switch a 3rd time you will have spent 9,000 prowess that you may never use.

Gaining Prowess / leveling up

Prowess is used to level up every stat and skill in the game besides crafting (crafting is raised by using the skill). Starting off prowess gains can be very slow, but it will speed up quite a bit as you figure things out and become a stronger. Feats are where the prowess is at, if you press J then at the top left click "all feats" you can see how much prowess is available through feats -- the number to the right of the feat is prowess gained when you finish the feat. Starting off its usually most fun to explore and do pve type feats, a good place to start is just grinding out the pve feats available in the safe zone. These are simple and will go by fast, but they will not give you big rewards.

I think an amazing feat to start off on is "Competent Hags killer" and "Master Hags Killer" you will gain 1628 prowess for killing 180 swamp hags and gain even more from the kills and possible skinning feats. Always bring a skinning knife with you while doing pve for the feats and materials gained. To skin you just equip your skinning knife and left click the gravestone of the fallen. The swamp hags are very easy but if you go there at night the "night hag" will spawn, they have a lot more hit points and hit a lot harder.

*Note if you press P on the bottom left there are quick-slot items, you can drag weapons, tools (skinner), potions, mounts, ships and such into these for quick access. Default bind is numpad 1-8.

Another Great feat to do after this one is the "Competent/Master Giants Feller" and "Competent/Master Ogres Feller". You can accomplish both of these feats at the same time by killing "Ogre Bullies". You will gain 1586 xp by killing 180 of these and gain even more from the kills and possible skinning feats.

Arctic bears, Elementals, Orbs -immune to magic: Aren't too difficult and have good rewards.

Grungcrocs, Beastmen, Black Knights, Hill Giants: Are a bit harder but have good rewards.

Fire Giants, Golem (Duneshapers): Are difficult but well worth it. If you kill 180 of them then you only need about 80 more kills to get your "Master Terror Slayer" feat accomplished. The combo of fire giants, duneshapers +80 will give you 30k prowess. I could not pull this off as an elementalist, it just took way too long to kill them. I raised my dexterity to 90 and bought my dex boosters and maxed archery + archery mastery so I could pull this off more easily. I also went back to do my Black Knights and Hill giants as a skirmisher. Duneshapers are much easier as a Warrior than anything else because they do a heal if you stay at range, this can be overcome by evading in to them to break the heal as a skirmisher.

They have now added daily repeatable feats which pay off materials, gold, and prowess. If you type "habitual" in the feat menu (J) that will show you all the daily feats you can knock out and if you type "pack" you can see all the party dailies. They may not look like much but they really do add up. There are a good amount of easy fiends and some skin for leather which is good for gold if you sell to players, that 450 prowess reward will add up quick.

If you want to find any mob in the game visit: or The first link has a good search tool on the top right of the page.

If you want your hand held a bit more, here is a path you could take for leveling and progression see this link

What should I spend my points on?

There are many guides on this, I think it depends on your play style to a point. You could focus entirely on damage output so you can accomplish the more difficult pve feats quicker so you are pvp viable quicker. You could be more well rounded and have all your options open to you as quick as possible. I'll give you some basic ideas and do what you think would be best for you. If you are really into crafting, focus on harvesting, going up to 100 in harvesting skills takes about 4 minutes off your harvest time. Which is only useful if you closely monitor your character harvesting. Clan owned hamlets and cities can build resource nodes which have a larger capacity than regular nodes, they trickle resources back in instead of a 3 hour refresh dump. At 100 harvesting skill you will receive double resources while harvesting.

1 point of booster will give you +10 stat and +37.5 in your stat pool. The stat pool is great, going from 20-100 in any stat will raise +36 stat pool. So to me, especially as an elementalist and primalist this is the best thing to spend your first 3,000 prowess on. You could instead raise 2 or 3 boosters then increase your main weapon (archery or melee) up 60 points, then increase your main stat +10, then purchase your last booster. That will give you more damage output quicker. 0-100 in your archery or melee skill will give you +5 damage per hit. 0-100 in your archery or melee mastery skill (purchased from the Battlemaster in town) will give you +3 damage per hit. Every 5 points in your primary stat will give you +1 damage.

*pp=prowess points
I think a generic guideline is this. Max Booster(3kpp), Raise primary stat from 20 to 50 (1.7kpp), Raise Main Melee or Archery to 100 (1.3kpp), Open up skills/spells (1.5kpp basic, 3k pp ultimate). Purchase your new spells/abilities from your trainer in town (Spellmaster or Battlemaster). At this point it really depends on what you feel is lacking. Maybe start talking to clan mates or global for more guidelines, see info below and the info just above this to help you make decisions as well.

*Note: I would not put any points into your school spells/skill until later on. They do not do very much and the cool down, cast time, lowered stat costs are only for your primary school. AOE and Magnitude do help even if you are raising a secondary spell/skill. You may change your mind on what you want to play as primary and secondary and waste some points, also when you do put points towards this I would stall at the 50 skill level for a while since its very cheap and puts you half way there. It really does not make a major difference, many other things will help your character more than this.

I also worked out that the stamina and mana reduction effect of abilities is 0.15% per skill level. so 15% at 100..
Base stat costs per 10

20-30: 345 prowess
30-40: 540 prowess
40-50: 840 prowess
50-60: 1275 prowess
60-70: 1935 prowess
70-80: 2880 prowess
80-90: 4230 prowess
90-100: 6600 prowess

Grand total of 18645 prowess from 20-100 base stat, with your booster you can hit 140 in one stat.

Dex will add damage to Archery and 1h (one handed weapons) and daggers
+2 damage every 10 points and 4.5 stamina
Dex will also boost all skirmisher abilities and allow you to wear mastery level armor and above rank 50 1h and bows.

Str will add damage to 2h and 1h weapons
+2 damage every 10 points and 4.5 hit points
Str will also boost all warrior abilities and allow you to wear mastery level armor and above rank 50 1h, 2h and shields.

Wis will add to your transfers effectiveness and self heal
+0.17 every 10 points for your transfer skills and 4.5 mana
Wis will also boost all primalist abilities and allow you to wear mastery level armor and above rank 50 staves.

added damage to staff bolt and 4.5 mana per 10 points
Int will also boost all Elementalist abilities and allow you to wear mastery level armor and above rank 50 staves.

*Note Added damage for 1h weapons is str OR dex it will be modified by whichever stat is higher.
*Note Added mana is from Int OR Wis, it will be modified by whichever stat is higher. You will only want Int if you are an elementalist it is useless for every other class in the game at this point in time. Staff bolt is a pretty pathetic spell, most things do not have a high resistance to it, but its very hard to hit people with in PvP.

Transfer skills -- Active stat regeneration

Transfers are common skills given to everyone to help you keep your stat pools from diminishing too quickly. If you press tab (default radial menu assignment) you will see skills on the bottom of the page called "Health to Mana", "Mana to Stamina", "Stamina to Health"; these 3 skills are your transfers. Pull these skills up onto one of your radial wheels along with "Heal Self" and get used to using these early on in fights. Practice trying to keep your stats up in PvE so they become natural in use for PvP. If you sit down after you cast your transfers they will be magnified in the sitting position (default rest is H).

You will gain +0.15 per tick with every 25 points put into your transfer skills. To raise them simply press U, click common skills and click on the little green arrow below the skill.

Another common skill worth getting used to is Disabling blow (melee), Disabling shot (archery), and disabling bolt (staff). This skill will temporarily knock the enemies shield away for a couple seconds so you can land your big hits. This skill will only work if the enemy is actively blocking when you hit them with it.

If you want more guidance on prowess point spending check out the bottom links.


A trawler is a ship made to catch fish for higher level cooking recipes, but you will also gain xp per fish caught. If you are up for it, trawling can be very worth it. It is also extremely boring if you do it actively, or very frustrating if you lose your trawler. The Higher your total prowess the less prowess you receive per action (killing a mob, catching a fish, making an item). Because of this trawling is very worth it when starting off but the cost can be a turn off. At the time of this writing trawlers cost 10-15k gold which is daunting for a new player (see gold making in the next section). If you decide to go this route I would recommend when you are playing the game mix it up don't do this entirely or you will go mad. You can go out as a group 2+ and share prowess from the trawling and have the passengers fish off the side of the boat for chances to get treasure maps (you will also share the xp from their fishing).

My wife just rerolled her character and I have kept track of her progress to a point. You get around 1,000 prowess per hour for the first 10,000 prowess. You will get about 800 prowess per hour the next 10k prowess. She is now at 23k prowess and gains about 550 prowess per hour. The diminishing returns make it so you gain less and less as your total prowess goes higher and higher. We have done some PVE feats together to have more fun but she stops at 140 or so kills into the 150 feat and we will go back to do those when Trawling is no longer worth it.

*The xp gains here were before the added fishing feats, it would be faster now.

*She is now 52k, she stopped trawling at 28k getting about 560 prowess per hour. Since then we have finished 180 air elementals, 180 duneshapers and 100/180 firegiants.
-My brother in law joined the game a little while back and trawled up to 40k prowess and has since mostly harvested. He is around 85k prowess and we slowly peck at the duneshapers and firegiants. The trawling was done mostly wed-fri early in the day and took about 4 weeks doing 2-5 hours at a time

Earning Gold

Raw materials (selling on the market) and treasure maps are both great ways to earn gold in this world. Starting off I recommend going into the starter dungeon, press M for your map and turn on the "Teleports and Portals" overlay on the left side of the screen. On your map in the capital city you will see a black swirl at the entrance to the sewers "starter dungeon". If you press F on the entrance you will teleport into the dungeon, the exit will show up on your map on north east corner of the dungeon map. While down inside kill scumlings and skin their graves for rawhide. You can take the rawhide and sell it on the marketplace. Look to see if its worth selling it as leather, if it is go and process the rawhide into leather at the workbench with the tanning skill. It takes 3 rawhide and 1 gold to make 2 leather. I think this is the best way to start making gold in the game, you can easily make 8k gold an hour even as a new player (*up from 4k an hour since leather prices have gone up).

*Note: If you are having a hard time surviving down there, switch your class with role management (press i) and switch to warrior with battle brand as primary or secondary (for the bandage self heal). Do not spend any points into the warrior if you don't care to play it. Make a set of chain mail armor or farm one from the goblins outside of town. Wearing chain mail will make the scumlings do so little damage you can focus on skinning instead of survival.

Treasure maps can be gained from fishing with a fishing pole. You can get small and medium treasure maps fishing around the world. If you are fishing in the ocean, one tile = one node, once it is fished out it will take 3 hours to replenish. I would try to fish in danger zone 4 and 5 waters only to increase your chance for treasure maps. You can go out in a wherry boat to get access to more water. Once you have a treasure map double click on it to activate the tracking. It will blink around your mini map very fast, about 3x+ per second when you are really close to it and very slow, less than 1x per second when you are very far. Even when its blinking very fast you can be a few tiles away from the treasure, so if its not blinking very fast expect a long voyage across the world. If you are going in the correct direction it will blink green, if its blinking red you are going the wrong direction. If you imagine your mini map as a pie, run around and see how much of the pie is green. Cut that slice in half and you will be running in a good direction to find the treasure. It will turn red if you pass it up, so roam around trying to triangulate the exact location when you pass it up. It will be solid and not blink at all when you are in the perfect spot to start digging. You don't have to be in the exact spot where it is solid to find the treasure, but you do need to be pretty close.

Scrapping currently gives out a decent amount of treasure maps from danger zone 4 and 5 waters. Its similar to a trawler, just more expensive and "fishes" up a lot of salvageable materials, some maps, building/ship modules, shells, bottles, lodstones and probably other stuff I cant think of at the moment.
*Don't forget your shovel when treasure hunting.

Welcome to Darkfall UW, have fun and good luck. Good job if you got through this, I hope it's helpful. If you are a group player or are just plain getting bored with things JOIN AN ACTIVE CLAN. It can completely change the game around and open up many more possibilities. Before you join a clan you may want to ask what it expects of you, they may desire heavy taxes! I personally like clans who ask for donations and do not require them, just a head up.

Some good threads/sites with info:

Look around on this site, the map has all the chest that go to "Selentine" and other types of keys. This site has lots of information, I especially like the crafting section and schools.

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