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Friday, November 22, 2013

Aventurine mini documentary and other development blog posts (must see for game enthusiast)

To learn more about Darkfall here are 2 great blog posts below

The making of Darkfall – One developer’s perspective
Disclaimer: This my personal account of the history of the making of Darkfall. I have tried to tell the story as accurately as possible. There are enough details to fill a book, so I have selected the parts that are important to me [Read the whole blog post]

A few samples of my work on Darkfall Online

The development of a game like Darkfall Online in a country like Greece was a rather unlikely thing to happen, so I consider myself very lucky that it happened and that I was part of it. The funding came from a Greek-Libyan family which has made enough money out of oil-related construction to be able to afford the luxury of investing on something fun, rather than on something with a high ROI, or even a guaranteed ROI. Thus Razorwax, a promising team of Norwegians some of whom were already published in the gaming industry, was brought to Greece to build Darkfall. I was the first Greek programmer hired, and I worked primarily on the GUI of the game. I stayed with the company until almost an entire year after the game was released. [Read the blog post by Michael]

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