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Friday, July 11, 2014

Siege Engine Preview speechless

Darkfall will soon have sophisticated siege engine.  Here is a sneak preview of one of them.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to play Darkfall free for 14 days using a buddy key

Aventurine S.A. recently introduced a system where existing player can get a buddy key to allow a friend to play Darkfall for free for 14 days. 

If you do not have a buddy key or have a friend that plays Darkfall then simply request a free one in this official discussion

If you already have a buddy key, here are all the steps to activate your key. 

Remember buddy keys are  only for brand NEW account.  If you have an old Darkfall account you can't use buddy key. 


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Darkfall Unholy Wars - The MMO you've never heard of - Articles - Team Dignitas : Professional Gaming Team

Darkfall, as a title, has been around for years now but has always seemed to slip under the mainstream radar. Why it does is an absolute mystery. The developers, Aventurine, have been working hard to bring huge changes to their original release and we have now been presented with their latest offering: Darkfall Unholy Wars.

From the moment you first create your character and step into the world of Agon you already sense there is something different about this game. (The fact that you can only make one character per server seems unusual but it will make sense later). At first it seems easy to draw comparisons to other sandbox MMOs but as you start to progress and kill your first troll, gnoll or goblin you notice the combat and you begin to see the glaring differences between DFUW and its competitors...Read the full article from Team Dignitas [Darkfall Unholy Wars - The MMO you've never heard of - Articles - Team Dignitas : Professional Gaming Team]

The fall of Khanruk

The whole siege timeline documented within the video.