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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Relic system released to push Clan warfare into new heights

 What will you do with your Relic?

Relics may spawns randomly in any location.

In today's patch Darkfall introduced 9 persistent relics that spawns randomly in the world.  When a player finds it, he/she may bring it back to their clan holdings to get a clan wide global buff  or he/she may destroy the relic at specific alter to receive an individual powerful heroic buff known as "The Immolator".

Relics are unique object they can't be removed from the world by player action such as logging out or storing them in a bank, bag, etc.  Player also can't instantly move the relic with recall, port out or through summon mechanism. The player must transport on land or sea! Below is the official explanation of the Relic System.

Here is the official Relic demo video.

Based on the community feedback and our own thoughts, we designed a system with three primary objectives:

  •     Increase clan holding value.
  •     Promote clan holding raiding.
  •     Introduce a player driven capture the flag type of activity.
The mechanic
The basic operations that outline the mechanic are the following:

  •     Nine (more later) relics randomly and mysteriously appear around Agon.
  •     A player that discovers a relic can use it to load it up on his back through a channeling action.
  •     The pack is visible on the players back and emits a special effect as well.
  •     Players carrying relics cannot recall in any way, use mounts or sprint (Considering blocking movement skills as well).
  •     Players carrying relics can be transported by vehicles as usual.
  •     A relic can be dropped voluntarily or if the player carrying it is killed or disconnects.
  •     Players can carry the relic to any clan holding church and use the altar inside to place it there.
  •     Clan members that control a holding with a relic, receive a global buff.
  •     If the church is disabled the buff is disabled until the church is repaired to above 25%.
  •     If the Church is reduced to rubble the relic is also destroyed and it reappears at a random location again.
  •     The relic can be removed from the alter by any player as long as the holding asset protection is inactive.
  •     Relics can also be carried to a demonic altar where they can be destroyed, granting the player that destroyed them a prowess reward (Considering some special limited time buff as well).
  •     Destroyed relics reappear at a random location again.

A relic only exists in the world, carried on a players back or in a church. It cannot be placed in a backpack or bank or removed from the world in any other way apart from the ones described above, whereupon it will respawn at a random location.

In that vein, dropping a relic means it will actually appear where it is dropped allowing for a hasty escape or for hiding a relic in a remote area only to divulge the information of its location to the highest bidder.

Also, each church can only hold one Relic but clans can take advantage of multiple relics by having multiple holdings with churches. }

This new relic system jolted existing clan / meta game. Clans now have strong incentive to conquer more holding from rival clans, so that they can store more relics and get multiple (stack) buffs.  Smaller clans now have reason to consolidate and join forces to participate in the relic system.

Relic system encourages players to explore and find relics in the wild and bring it home safely through team work and careful planning.  Clans now have a purpose to raid rival holdings to find and steal relics and bring it home.  City defense is also equally important to safeguard relic from raiders and bandits.

Relic system increased the depth of planing, strategy and logistics by many folds. A clan that wants to excel through resource or warfare are now given the avenue with the introduction of the relic system.

Relic system is essentially driving Darkfall players into large scale warfare, territorial control with economical dominance. 

Here are the 9 relics introduced.

Relic of Warfare
Decreases Siege Ladder spawning time to 10 seconds, delays enemy city warning message by 20 seconds and grants +5 arcane protection

Relic of Greed
Halves Globules of Greed consumption and doubles requisitioning speed

Relic of Aegis
Increases the damage absorbed when blocking and increases penetration damage against enemies who block.

Relic of Gluttony
Doubles food duration and halves potion cool down timers.

Relic of Deception
While crouching, increases movement speed, hides player information and silences archery attacks and movement.

Relic of Alacrity
Boost your clan mates Health and Stamina!

Relic of Avidity
Boost your clan mates Mana and Stamina!

Relic of Ability
Boost your clan mates Health and Mana!

Relic of Hearth and Home
Help your clan mates get home quickly!

Alternatively, players who discover a relic can sacrifice it at the Altar of Immolation located somewhere beneath Nurenfau and claim the title and unique buff of the Immolator.

Altar of Immolation

The Immolator
  • Grants 4000 Health, 800 Mana and 800 stamina.
  • Hits are always critical.
  • All healing effects are only 10% effective.
  • Recalling with runes is blocked.
  • Dash skill is blocked.
Lasts for six hours or until the Immolator is killed

Here is a video of first Immolator killed by players!

Aventurine S.A. has done  a great job by bringing in a CTF (Capture the flag) type system into a sandbox environment. This enhanced existing game by giving players new tools to shape their game world politically, economically and militarily.