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Friday, November 21, 2014

Daedrus' Tales update June 20th

If you love to read head to Daedrus' Tales. This is a dedicated blog for high quality player made Darkfall lore! Click on each image to read the stories behind them!

The Seven Legends of Bloodscar : When the black tower rose 
out of the Moldar Plains at the behest of the powerful

Opus of the Traitor (Traitor Series: Part IV) : Ruins 
and a graveyard. I'll admit I was rather

UI Suggestion and Feeback for Dev Part 2

Here are some more concept design submitted by user to improve Darkfall UI. See Part 1 here.

Here is the forum discussion talking about these UI.

Ragnarok Del presenting this Wire frame.

Key binding and other UI suggestion by World Dominator binding suggestion

World Dominator suggested  these changes to world maps

World Dominator presented this cleaned up
add friend Window.
Health/Int/Stamina Bar suggestion by World Dominator
Make current Bars straight.  See top of the picture by Naglfar Yotunov

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

UI Improvement suggestion for developers

Here are few Darkfall UI improvement suggestions to the Dev team. Click on each picture to enlarge it. Dev please check Part 2 as well. Players contributing a lot of effort in that one also.

Portal Tab Needs to be separated.  Move the "Register" and "Option"
buttons below.

A loading progress bar will assure client didn't crash and how long
to wait. 

Steam user playing Darkfall should register with AV to get Tech Support, Official Forum, Seletine Gold, etc

All Steam users playing Darkfall should register with Aventurine (AMS) so that you can get full Tech support, privilege to post in official forums, and purchase Selentine Gold for fluff items.  You can also play Darkfall directly without using Steam.  Also when AV gives out special gifts and offers you can redeem them in your AMS account.

Registering with AV (AMS) is easy.

1) Run Darkfall client from Steam and click "REGISTER"

click on Upper Right corner
2) Fill it out with accurate and truthful information because you can't change once you submit.

Once you finish registration you can now access AMS by going here to buy Seletine Gold for fluff items, Play Darkfall directly without steam, link official forum account, etc.

You can also get customer support from

How to stop Steam from taking screen shots when playing Darkfall

By default Steam bind "i" key to take Screen Shots.  This key is also used in Darkfall to bring up Roles overview.  Also you will type i multiple times in chat as "i" is an English Vowel.

There are multiple ways to fix this. 

1) Exit out of Darkfall
2) Open Steam
3) Go to Steam Settings

4) Choose In-Game
5) You can either "uncheck" Steam Overlay or Change Screenshot shortcut keys to something Darkfall doesn't use. For example "ctrl+\"

6) Restart your computer. (Restarting Steam will also work)

Special thanks to a player for sending me these screen shots and instructions.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Darkfall The Path Ahead

Here is a (very long) post from Darkfall developers about where the game is headed. It also includes details of how Relic, Specialization, and New Player Experience will be implemented.

We’ve spoken before about our vision for ‘Darkfall: Unholy Wars’ and the direction we intend to take the game in, and today we would like to expand upon that, by providing some insight as to how we aim to realize that vision.

What we want to present here is our medium and long-term vision for Unholy Wars, as we feel that an important step to moulding the game into the experience that we all want it to be is to define where it is that we want to go; it is this vision that we would like to include you all in today.

What follows is a relatively “high-level” overview of related/interconnected aspects of the game, and mechanics, that we feel should be tweaked, enhanced and developed in order to take Unholy Wars in the direction that we want. Future updates/announcements will delve much deeper into each area, to provide further details about specific mechanics.

We would also like to point-out that we do not see this as another change in direction, or shift in focus. What we are presenting here is our long-term goals, a continuation of our previous announcements. All our immediate goals and focuses, as laid out previously, remain in place; such as enhancements to the function of the GUI, improvements in client performance, increased fluidity and responsiveness in combat, economy and loot re-balancing and increased holding desirability.

So, without further ado, in no specific order:

Fully Localised Economy

In order to create a dynamic and active in-game economy, we feel (and we know you all agree) that localisation of resources is essential; however, for this to work, we believe it’s important to also address the methods of banking and travel, so this aspect does not focus only on loot but also inventory systems, banking, the inclusion of more methods of “fast travel”, the reduction of “instant travel”, along with systems to reduce self-sufficiency and encourage inter-dependence between play-styles.




PvE and AI Improvements

As a major source of resources, along with localisation, we want to focus on improving and increasing our AI, to offer a more challenging and rewarding experience for all levels of player. We also aim to make the world feel more dynamic (and dangerous) by not only increasing the variety and difficulty of our monsters, but also “unleashing” them from the static spawn-points they now inhabit. With more dynamic and intelligent monsters come several other features, such as taming and monster raids, which we very much want to see in Agon.

Do you have Steam? Darkfall in Steam is FREE to try till November 19th!

Do you already have Steam? If so head to the Steam Darkfall page and click "Play Now"!  It is free till 19th of November.