Improving the experience of new players by easing them into the game world and introducing them to the core mechanics in a more involving and entertaining way.



With quests our intention is to give the player specific objectives once they exit the vale, probably even while they are still in it, that are aimed at replacing the starting feats in guiding the player’s first steps in the world.

We are planning to have various quests that teach the player different aspects of the game. This also complies with a community suggestion for a modular tutorial that will make it easier to change a specific quest line or quest step about, lets say, skinning, when and if we decide to change that mechanic in any way. These quests are to be straightforward but present to the new player the various possibilities within the game.

Introducing these quests means we can remove the starting feats as the primary means of directing the player. While they will still be there they are to be adjusted and optimized as their purpose will be to complement the experience, rather than guide it.

Advisory system

This is an idea we have discussed internally that adds a new help system to the game that is context sensitive, meaning it reacts to what the player does and provides more information about it.

This system can help where the quests conceptually can’t. For example, teaching a player how the map operates and what the different filters do is not really something a quest should be doing. This system will provide all the mechanics information that the players need and it will do so when the player interacts with something for the first time. It would also replace the current tutorial GUI element that is present in the vale.

This system would teach you all the basics in the Vale.
  • It would pop up every time you open a new GUI window and explain the basic functionality.
  • It would pop up every time you interact with something new, like a bind stone or vendor, to teach you how to use these objects and what you can do with them.
  • It would pop up the first time you experience something special like getting knocked down to explain what is happening, what the progress bar represents and what your options are.

Mentor system improvements

The mentor system is providing a way for new players to take advantage of the experience of veterans but some improvements are required.

  • Language selection - Both mentors and apprentices will be able to select a preferred language. The system will take this into consideration when pairing players and do the appropriate matching.
  • Cancellation changes - The case of mentor-ship cancellation will be considered equal to any other form of mentor-ship completion. Regardless of whether the mentor-ship is canceled by the mentor or the apprentice, a popup appears to the apprentice prompting him to rate the mentor. The pop up remains available for 3 days. If the apprentice does not rate the mentor within that time for any reason, the mentor is awarded a rating of 4.5. Additionally, a minimum mentor-ship duration can be enforced to reduce hasty cancellation cases although there is a concern about making players feeling they are "stuck" with a less than ideal mentor or apprentice.
  • Notification pop up - A pop up to inform mentors when they have been assigned a new apprentice.
  • Do not show again option - An option to permanently close the "Find a mentor" prompt every time the player logs in. A mentor can still be assigned through the appropriate tab in the social window.
  • Messaging notification - A notification when a mentor messages an apprentice and vice versa so that the private messages are not missed.