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Sunday, June 22, 2014

State of Agon - Episode #6

This episode mostly covers the recently released custom roles.


Here's a little background information on these honorable guests!

Joining me tonight is a plethora of top end PvPers who will finally be able to discuss everything we've speculated on in past episodes. Some people joining me have been on before, others or new friends but the one thing we have in common is that we all love PvP.

As always here is a breakdown and mini bio of each of the guests joining me tonight.


27 years old.
Leader of Council of Elders.
Considers fighting outnumbered as his trade mark through out DFO/UW
Looking forward to the upcoming patch and bringing his old crew back
Played UO for 8 years + before DFO
Considered a top tier PvPer.

Haylando SP
18 years old.
Came Second in the Burning Embers rumble DFUW tournament.
Started playing DFUW after the release of Slayer and duelist and quickly gained a reputation for PvP.
Favours small scales PvP.

Dolphin Rider
20 years old.
Competed in the second ever DFO tournament and went on to win a 3v3 NA tournament hosted by Magnetic Man.
Prefers riding solo.
Comes from an Arena Shooter background playing twitch based FPS such as Gunz and Repulse.
Enjoys holding hands with his friends and long walks on the beach.

Statutory Ape
27 years old.
Started playing in early DFO coming from a competitive Counter Strike Background.
Single Father so doesn't get to play as often as he would like.
Enjoys all scales of PvP size favouring the tactical aspects of movement and positioning.

If you're new and joining us first time here's a little information about your host and co-host that you might not know.

25 Years old.
Started Darkfall with the release of Unholy Wars.
Tournament commentator and State of Agon Host.
Combat/Siege leader of Lux,TFK and now Windmill.
Was in the British Army for 7 years.
Feel free to call me Dan

21 Years old.
Started in DFO.
Currently an Officer in Windmill.
Enjoys getting zerged.
Community streamer of DFUW and streams regularly.
Cameraman of the Burning Embers Rumble Tournament.

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