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Friday, December 27, 2013

An open challenge to all great e-sports and video gamers of the world!

Are you really good in video games? How good are your in First Person Shoot (FPS) games?  Do you want to take twitching skills to the next level?

I would like you and your friends to take Darkfall challenge and uproot existing establishment in the North American server.  You can make e-history in just 30 days!

Darkfall is the most hardcore and SKILL based action MMO that currently exists in the market.  You can play as 2 types of Archers, 3 types of Warriors, 3 types of Mages, or 2 types of Healers.

If you are starting new, fear not, you can easily level your character and become PvP viable within 2 weeks. Then time to wreak the world of Agon where PvP clans like VAMP,  MOIST, Council of Elder and Really Good Friend that has been setting the PvP standard for the world of video games.

This is the perfect time because Steam ( ) is running a limited 66% off sale. You can purchase the game only for $13.54 and play free for 30 days.

I will leave you with a video for you to decide for yourself.  If you are a true PvPer, you owe yourself for this challenge! Bring a friend along.  Pass this news to other competitive video gamers.   You can find many other Darkfall related videos in my video blog

Best Wish in Your Adventure!