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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Art work

Proof of concept.

Darkfall players trying to improve the look and feel of the AV Store (  by providing them with new graphics. Here is how the store might look

Instead of current layout of all 6 products lined up, it should be just 3 with a group of two (normal reoccurring).

To make it easy to understand it should be package as

Regular (30 days), Silver (90 days), Gold (180 days)

NON-Recurring Subscription Recurring Subscription
Regular Package (30 days)

Silver Package (90 days)
Gold Package (180 days)

List of all Darkfall notable changes.

15 Farming Kobold in Safe Zone

15 Farming Skeleton in Safe Zone

Darkfall community blog.


  1. I'd touch up the arrows a bit and omit the white edges from clipping the background.

  2. you can completely start from scratch :-) Only thing you can try to recycle might be the hardcover box.