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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Compilation of all Darkfall Unholy Wars changes since April 2013 release

All notable changes are compiled in this post since April 2013 release. Every month there were bug fixes, world (terrain) improvements, mob art/animation updates, audio enhancements, general fixes which I didn't mention for brevity.

May 2013 Patch Notes [May 9th][May 24th][May 31st]
  • Party prowess and kill distribution (round robin)
  • Crafting/salvaging in clan holdings bonuses
  • Visual improvement of Monsters
  • Skill Balance

June 2013 Patch Notes [June 6th][June 7th][June 19th][June 20] June 28]
  • New Elementalist school (Water)
  • New Dungeon - Broadherne
  • New Utility Ship: Fishing Trawler
  • New Crafting Skill: Cooking Mastery
  • Added Conquest Protection system for Clan Holdings
  • New Crafting Skill: Shipbuilding Mastery
  • New ships: Coastal Runner, Pinnace

July 2013 Patch Notes [July 9th][July 10th][July 18th][July 30th]
  • Player Market (Auction House)
  • New Utility Ship: The Sea Scraper
  • New ships: Sloop, Schooner,Brigantine, Junk, Barque
  • Danger Area/Zone Implemented
  • Village Changes
  • Village Specializations
  • Parrying mechanic Changes
  • New Dungeon : Svartvann
  • Minor skill changes
  • New Warrior School (Slayer)

Aug 2013 Patch Notes [Aug 12th]
  • Sea fortresses
  • New Warshps: Frigate, Ship of the line
  • Combat Changes

September 2013 Patch Notes [Sept 17th]
  • New Skirmisher School: Duelist

October 2013 Patch Notes [Oct 8th][Oct 9th]
  • Major Balancing changes or all classes
  • Transfer spell buff

November 2013 Patch Notes [Nov 14th]
  • Major network code change to fix performance

December 2013 Patch Notes [Dec 16th][Dec 18th][Dec 21st]
  • Epic Dungeon: Sinspire Cathedral
  • Clan asset damage protection
  • Major GUI Update
  • Prowess Monoliths

January 2014 Patch Notes [Jan 17th][Jan 29th][]
  • Minor Balancing]
  • New Duel System
  • Weather Effects & Environments
  • More performance fixes

February 2014 Patch Notes [Feb 14th]
  • Major Village Changes (Requisitioning)
  • New Primalist school (Chaos)
  • Minor Class balances

March 2014 Patch Notes [Mar 19th]
  • Clan Market
  • Tournament

April 2014 Patch Notes [April 7th][April 29th]
  • Repeatable feat (Daily/Weekly/Party)
  • Territory Control
  • Levy Collector
  • Improved Feat Window
  • Masks Added
  • Buddy keys 
  • Armor Dye System
  • Mentor System
  • New Map features/Auto explore/Search 
May 2014 Patch Notes [May 21]
  • High Yield Nodes
  • New advanced tools
  • New materials
  • Monster loot re balancing
  • Spyglass
  • Crafting Orders 
June 2014 Patch Notes [June 10th][Various other changes through Hot fixes]
  • Added GFX option to further customize graphics setting to have consistent performance during siege
  • NEW Custom Roles system *EPIC*
  • Selentine Gold Shop for fluff items
  • Mastery Ships now have retractable nets
  • More Mob loot revamp
  • Diminishing Returns adjusted

July 2014 Patch Notes [July 2nd] [July 24th][July 31st][Hot fixes]
  • Balance Changes / General Changes
  • Roles UI Improvements
  • HUD update and customization
  • New Items in Shop (fireworks, clan name change, stovepipe hat)
  • Introduction of DUEL (DF version of EVE PLEX)
  • Various other fixes
Aug 2014 Patch Notes [Aug 7th]

  • New War Machinery : Catapult
  • Siege ladder
  • New Engineering mastery skill
  • New Reinforced Walls on every Clan City in Agon
  • Added a Foundry Workstation
  • New item in Selentine Shop : Metamorphosis Manipulator
September 2014 Patch Notes [July 29] Various other changes through Hot fix|
  • New school added Earth!
  • Boaster and Large Balance Changes / Most skill & spell changed
  • Combat and Movement updated
  • Added Depth of Field and Texture control video option
  • New Items added to Selentine Shop (Masks, Dyes)

    Oct 2014 Patch Notes [Oct 21st]|[Oct 30th]|

    • Sea Fortress capture mechanism changed instead of fixed timer
    • Ship Ramming
    • Monolith now activated by killing certain family of mobs instead of timer
    • Village Requisition where owning clan can set when village goes live
    • Quality of Life changes
    • Performance: Option for Low Quality shaders has been added.
    • Combat and gear adjustment for balancing
    • Seasonal Event: Halloween
    • Gear Guise UI: A new system that allows players to visually customize their gear appearance
    • New items Selentine Shop : Oktoberfest Unlockable Emote, Fedora, Hell Razed Cannibal’s, The Carved Gentleman, The Bloated Flesh Construct’s Visage, The Plague Doctor’s Visage, The Hell Raised Aegis, The Reaper, The Widowmaker, Brains and The Sweeper!
    November 2014 Patch Notes [Nov 10]|[Nov 27]|
    • Seasonal Event: Ganksgiving
    • Speed buff on Roads/main routes when riding a mount.
    • Mastery Recipes can now only be crafted at Clan and Housing workstations.
    • New Items in Selentine Shop: Six racial legacy weapons from DFO,
      New Premium Emote, Collectible Hat 

    December 2014 Patch Notes [Dec 2nd]|[Dec 19]|Various other changes through Hot fixes|
    • Relics System
    • Head and torso animations when looking around with your character
    • Seasonal Event: The Frost Fest
    • Relic Stealing Mechanic update
    • 4 New Prowess Monoliths
    • Floating Text System
    • Hamlets have been updated with a variety of crafting stations
    • New River Shader & visual updates to Water & Waterfall Shaders.
    • Updated the loot tables of Creeps, Freaks, Beasts, Fiends and Villains to drop low 
    • Loading tips have been added to every loading screen
    • New Items in Selentine Shop: New mount skin (The Snowpiercer),  weapon skin, head gear, emote.

    Feb 2015 Patch Notes [Feb 4]|[Feb 27]

    • Advisory System
    • Economy -Localization of mob loots
    • Sea repainted with level 5 zone to drive high traffic through particular area
    • UI/Visual updates
    • Massive changes to combat. (free re-spec given)
    • Introduction of clan perks.
    • Introduction of Leader boards.
    • Introduced different types of Mount
    • Instant travel tweaks
     March 2015 Patch Notes |Mar 3rd|Mar 18th|Mar 19th|

    • More combat changes and balance + New spells
    • Enable Armor mismatch between Leather(Skirm)/Metal(Warrior) & Cloth (Prim)/Cloth(Elementalist)

    April 2015 Patch Notes |April 8th|April 9|April 23|
    • New class: Primalist's Pain School
    • Feat System revised. Player now gain prowess points per progress action of a feat.
    • Tiered Clan Vault and Clan Vault Logs
    • New Alchemy potions
    • Special Event (non seasonal)
    • New teleportation system: Nexus
    • Armor / Weapons:
      1. Stat requirements have been removed
      2. Implemented weapon differentiation based on pattern (Militant/Barbaric/Stoic)
      3. Shields now offer passive protection based on pattern.
    • Fixed movement and hitbox.  Remove unwanted "momentum/iceskating", animation desync, improved hitbox performance
    • Adjusted Pain school spell for better balancing
    • Ship Changes: Speed and Acceleration changes to make boat travel more desirable
    • Repair shards cost (mats and gold) reduced by 50%
    • Dynamic Event: Boss health reduced, increased loot, and added a chance to earn "Seletine Gold"!
    August 2015 Patch Notes |Aug 12|
    • Economy Wipe (Old resource/gear aged and New gear/resource introduced)
    • Conflict through resource inequality
      • Only 2 cities produce Theyril Ore
      • Only 4 cities produce Leenspar Ore
      • Only 8 cities produce Neithal Ore
    • New Inventory System
    • New Level of Gear introduced
    • AoI bonus doubled and Prowess diminishing return removed
    • House deeds and  decor are craftable
    September 2015 Patch Notes |Sept 3rd|Sept 16|Sept 25|Sept 30|
    • New Weapon in game : Fire Sithra
    • More Economy adjustment
    • Number of default guest increased by house type
    • Golems AI buff
    • Chaos outpost 
    • Hotbar enhancements (drag n drop support)
     October 2015 Patch Notes |Oct 6|Oct 9|Oct 23|Oct 29|
    • Combat Changes
    • General Fix
    • UI Change (4 slot added)
    • Halloween Event
     November 2015 Patch Notes |Nov 23rd|
    • Adding or replacing easy monsters with harder/profitable ones.
    • Increase the number of monsters in the spawn point
    • Make the re-spawn time slower, so once the spawn point is 'cleared', the group will have to move on to a different area/spawn point.
    • Gave each subcontinent a different "flavour", for example more Hand of Khamset on Ruby, more Grimdrakes on Cairn.