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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Darkfall players using steam client should register their account with Aventurine

FAQ About Steam and Darkfall
Q) How do I contact or open support ticket if I purchased the game through Steam?
A) Steam uses a slightly different launcher. When you launch the game in Steam you will see "Register" link on Top Right.  Click on that to register/create an account with  Aventurine System.  Make sure you remember that account name and password as it will be need to play the game without Steam, download standalone client, open support ticket, get buddy key, take advantage of free offers.

Q) How do I Play the game without Steam or during the special free days if I am not subscribed
A) Using the account you created above login to and download the standalone game. Use the same credential/account you created above to login

Q) How do I open a support ticket?
A) Go to and use the account you created above to login and create a ticket.  Make sure to mention your char name and server (NA or EU)

Q) I no longer have an active Steam subscription and when I did, I never register using the method mention above.  Steam doesn't even allow me to launch the game client. Is there any way I can still create a ticket, or take advantage of FREE week, get buddy keys, etc.
A) Aventurine doesn't have access to the Steam User/Product database because Steam is own by a different company (Valve Corp). There is no real way Aventurine can verify who you say you are. Only solution that I am aware of is to resubscribe the game for a month then launch the game client and "register/create" an AMS account described above.