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Saturday, April 5, 2014

GM Event: Burning Embers Rrumble


Game Master have started running regular ranked PvP tournaments.

Current EU Brackets more info on EU forum
Current North American Brackets NA forum

Video Archives: 2nd day of EU Tournament Stream (fast foward to 6:00 min mark enjoy)

 Rule Vs Reward!


  1. All bouts will be Best of Three. The exception is The Fray (The final) which shall be Best of Five!
  2. Ganking is not allowed. It leaves too much of a mess on the carpets and the Ganker will be disqualified. (The Gankee will be dead...)
  3. 5 Potion Limit.
  4. No Mounts. This tourney will be for infantry, next time.. we shall see!
  5. Pick your role and schools wisely. No changes after registration!

Bear in mind that this is a testing tourney and that rules may be subject to change as we gauge what system will be the most fun for you!


The Unbreakable (First Place)

  • Top Rank (depending on the Victor’s Role of choice) Armor Set
  • Top Rank Weapon (depending on choice again)
  • 25.000 Gold
  • Faceplate of the Unbreakable
  • A mystery prize (because even at the top, the battle is never truly over).

The Unyielding (Second Place)

  • 10.000 Gold
  • Faceplate of the Unyielding

The Stalwart (Third Place)

  • 5.000 Gold
  • Faceplate of the Stalwart