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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Burning Embers Rumble Tournament FINALS "the unforgettable"

Burning Embers Rumble was organized by the developers of Darkfall from Aventurine S.A. The tourney lasted for seven days (Saturday April 05 - Saturday April 12) with four bouts every day. Battles took place from 17:00-21:00 GMT for the EU server, and 23:00-03:00 GMT for the NA server.

World top 64 FPS MMORPG #eSports warriors from EU and North American server participated. Here was the EU and NA tournament brackets.  It is now my pleasure to link you the finale of this ultra competitive tournament with a dramatic ending. Thanks to Diana Swift and The Krush for these excellent video that were recorded over last 7 days. Enjoy these great fights and make sure you share this amazing finals with any friends of yours who love PvP, eSports.

NA Server Final match

Marothis Darkmoon vs Beautiful Disaster

EU Server Final match

Elazu Latlande vs Qweasd Haylando


BONUS Footage!

Darkfall's creator/project lead General Tasos Flambouras takes on the Champions!  How many game company in the world can claim that their founding fathers can challenge the very best?

NA Champion vs Tasos Flambouras


EU Champion vs Tasos Flambouras