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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mobs to farm for dyes

Special thanks to Suicide Sheep for creating this spreadsheet.
Don't forget to check Suicide Sheep's Darkfall video collection in Youtube. 

Alchemy Common DyesDrops from
Goblin GreenGoblin Fighters
Scumling BrownScumling
Sickly GreenZombie Shamblers
Vibrant ViolentWisps
Frozen BlueHeielhim
Imperial GoldBandit Assassin
Rage Red DyeHobgoblin Grunt
Soulless CyanSkeleton Warrior
Gooey VioletMatayin
Muddy BrownKobold Strongmen
Ogrish GreenOgre Bully
Rotting GrayGrave Shot
Forest GreenForest Prophet Runechanter
Icy CyanVargashi Defenders
Light CopperSeverii Centurion
Night BlueNight Hags
Alchemy Mastery DyesDrops from
Beastly GoldBeastmen Warlord
Blood RedDarkbrood General
Bone BrownDarkbrood Warlords
Jungle GreenJungle Stompers
Sinister VioletSinspire Squires
Tombstone GrayGravelords
Divine CyanMenhir Sentinel
Royal CopperHand of Khamset
Undergrowth GreenForest Walker
Greedy GoldSir Davosh the Damned
Ocean BlueKraken
Roaring RedFire Dragon
Blinding WhiteIce Dragon
Erebus BlackImperator Jabaoth (Demon)
Removing DyeDrops from
TurpentineHivekin Foragers / Brownies

For latest updated check the spreadsheet here: