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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Livestream Questions and Answers with the Devs!

Incase you missed it, here is the livestream Q&A with the Darkfall Developers.

Player provided Transcript of the livestream (not exact)

What happened in AV with communication?
- Post tomorrow

What is endgame gonna be?
- PvP battles, politics and economics generally.
- Holding worth should affect character power (cast speed, attack speed, armor), as well as abilities that can be activated

Q&A in Darkfall, how does it work - specifically regarding May 21st patch?
- Would like PTS, but not sure if feasible. They listen to players a lot, close monitored. Changes will happen immediately.
- Wild Sage asks players to provide concise feedback, specifically about loot tables.
- Tasos says test server is not out of the question

Enchanting - when
- After new roles has affected the game, enchanting will be evaluated.

How will boosters affect abilities in custom roles?
- Boosters will only affect attribute. Skills are affected by attributes to an extent. You can split them. Boosters will get less stats, although overall increase in base stats. Boosters less stat significant.

How will high-dps skills be balanced for sieges, for instance?
- Cooldown, magnitude, etc. will be tweaked. Heatstroke will be buffed. Dash and Stampede will be nerfed a lot.

Can you have any number of movement abilities?
- Yes. Feels awkward with artificial restrictions. However they will be less effective.

What about stats that do not require a stat like revive, gank, etc.?
- They will be balanced in other things, ie. casting time, stats on revive, etc.

Cash shop?
- *LONG SILENCE* Tasos: Yes, maybe. Wild Sage: Yes, strictly fluff. No gameplay advantage.

What items in the cash shops? Tabards maybe?
- Tabards will be done in game with custom emblems, made with special components. Maybe components can be bought in the shop?
- Dyes, masks, special mount skins have been talked about.

Naval Combat seems a little imbalanced. Launch Cannon dmg = SotL Cannon dmg. Seatower has bad meta with no big boats. What can change?
- Should definitely be changed. Related to the high end gear situation. SotL should be scary, Launch more standard?
- Perhaps different cannons on ships. SotL should perhaps be faster and have more damage.

Stats on shield?
- Still requires a stat.

GUI - movable health bars etc.?
- Relatively short term plans, yes. Backpack they really wanna change, but requires a lot of work. New windows have options/are undockable.

Spells that activate weapons - how will it work?
- One weapon per skill to activate it. You can choose not to bind a weapon to it.

How do you receive feedback the best?
- Forums are being read every day, all deay.

Arcane Rings and guard towers?
- Guard towers could be boost by resources after a nerf. Needs discussion internally.
- Not 100% certain about the arcane rings, maybe it will end up in enchanting if it fits.

ETA on custom classes and the patches after that?
- Custom roles: First week of June is the ETA internally.
- Order is: Siege engine and siege system changes, then quests.
- 2-3 weeks apart. Perhaps a few medium/small patches, then a large one, etc.
- Changes will be made immediately if they're needed.

Economy Concerns?
- Will be addressed soon.

Quests and their rewards? Lore, is there any?
- We have a lot of lore, it's just hard to get it in there. Quests will send you around the world in large, epic chains. Mass has built an amazing open-world quest system.
- Mass: The system will be very open, lets the writers go in any direction: branching, repeatable, epic quests. Anything goes.

- Wild Sage: Apologizes for poor reception of May 21st patch. Some may not see the value in the new system, some will - but AV needs precise feedback to improve it. Reassures that it will be fixed ASAP.
- Thought process behind conversion materials: Super nodes to "vets", economy needed stable material for new players.
- Travel on roads will be done, relatively soon. It is confirmed to be possible, if time allows within the next few patches.
- Jump animation changed, but not the mechanic itself. Movement was changed to be slightly more responsive, nothing major.
- Will deploy fix for player movement as needed, issue is pinpointed and time nears when it will be more responsive.
- Melee will be more responsive, AV agrees that it is a bit clunky.
- Server merge or reset will not happen, says Tasos. It's a downward spiral, would rather fix the game rather than do half-assed solutions like this to bring more players in.
- AV has a lot of plans for advertising.
- Race models. Wild Sage says no. Really wants to change it but creating lots of armors is not feasible at the moment. Wild Sage really wants original ones, points out he's sorry to disappoint us, but it takes resources away from everything else.
- Diana: What can community do to help? Wild Sage: AV wants to regain the trust of the community.
- Mass: We're look at areas to show off streamers more prominently on official pages.
- Racial weapons: AV wants it, but it's the same issue as race models.
- Crosshairs: After removing wobble, more options for crosshairs will be added. PRETTY SOON!
- New schools: Easier to add with custom classes, less need for balance.
- Daggers: Getting buffed and tested atm. Should be on par with other 2h weapons.
- Alignment system: Safe zones do not fit in the vision, but they have a value. Alignment is a good idea, would like to do it. Should however add to the game and not just prohibit bad behaviour.
- Housing: Want to expand on it for more customization fun.
- Performance: Will get better in large scale combat with a new system that helps prevent FPS loss. Improves in situations with lots of particle effects.

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