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Monday, May 19, 2014

Community Talk: State of Agon Episode #3 (NA Edition)

Players have come together and decided to create a new "talk show" series about Darkfall's current affairs.  Enjoy the third episode.  Show cover custom class, balancing, mentoring system, game economy, etc. The show is intended to spark more interest in the game from non players and have a rich debate about various changes to improve the game.

Here's a little background information on these honorable guests!

24 Years old
Started Darkfall with the release of Unholy Wars.
Tournament commentator and State of Agon Host.
Combat/Siege leader of Lux,TFK and now SUN
Was in the British Army for 7 years.
Feel free to call me Dan

Kas Mos from NA
Previously an Officer of Sick Bastards.
Started During Darkfall Online Beta.
Played a variety of MMO's, starting with Ultima Online.
Stuck with Darkfall through thick and thin.

Lord Zanuul
39 years old.
Member of Shadows.
Enjoys the fast paced, aimed combat of Darkfall.
Likes to figure out the meta game before others.
Played Everquest at a hardcore raiding level for 6 years before DFO
Enjoys helping new players.

Suicide Sheep
21 years old.
Member of Council of Elders.
Been regarded as a top tier PvPer throughout both DFO and DFUW
Won multiple tournaments both 1v1 up to 5v5.
Favours Small scale PvP.
Enjoys playing at the top level through multiple games.

27 years old.
Leader of Council of Elders.
Considers fighting outnumbered as his trade mark through out DFO/UW
Looking forward to the upcoming patch and bringing his old crew back
Played UO for 8 years + before DFO
Considered a top tier PvPer.

Greatly enjoys the Political meta game DFO offers.
Played since DFO, notably with NME and the GHOST alliance.
Ran a DFO blog called Bannerfall.
Played GW1 at a competitive level during GvG tournaments.
Doesn't have as much active play time as he would like due to living in Korea.

My man Bengt/Cato will also be there streaming the whole thing and joining the chat when he feels he has something good to say so here's a little about him.

21 Years old
Started in Darkfall 1
Was an officer in Lux and Leader of FalconPunch
Currently an Officer in SUN
Enjoys getting zerged
Has a picture of NiP Fisker's dick (pro CSGO player)

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