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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Elysianfields spent a day with Darkfall Developers at Aventurine S.A

Elysianfields visited a highly secretive fortified facility located in Athens where Darkfall development takes place. He had opportunity to ask question, take pictures, and reveal some secrets. Here are all the details below with Pictures in here as he reported in the official Forum.
Yesterday I (Elysian Fields) made a visit to AVs offices after an invitation I received. I would like to share my exp, photos, news learned with all DFs community.  I'm really sorry for my poor English I'll describe as best as I can.  Av is situated in a modern multi floor building 30 minutes away from the Olympic stadium were the Olympic Games of Athens were made 10 years ago.
AV HQ from outside 

"Once inside First thing you see is the big reunion room (photo) with a big poster of DF , it was outside the room where Unuldur received me and showed me all the place."

Here is the secret War room where all the debates and important decisions are made!

Conference Room
Look at that poster!

 "All devs, GMs and people inside the offices (they are around 40) received me with a smile and intention to answer every question concerned the game. They told me I could photo everything and later on I could show all my photos in the forums for all of you (with the exception of a poster that contained all discussions made and future updates). Second floor is divided in departments (communication, technical support etc) and all of them work as one with Tasos in the role of the big bad wolf! "

 Elysianfields took pictures of these Night Elves working hard.

Hey I get to Play DF all day!

Dude check out my dyed outfit! Finally after 3 hours
Middle of the great wobble removal debate "To DO or NOT to do!"
Do Not Disturb: ^Ma$$^ enjoying forumfall!
The Art Team!
"Once I saw all departments/offices I was received in the reunion room with games Devs to make my questions."
"I want to specify that I had some answers based in trust that I don't want to reveal but most of the answers are posted:"
Q01. Elysian Fields:   Is any intention to make DFUW a f2p game?
AV : It’s not in our plans to make it free. We still have some other ideas in our mind, some other sub plans/offers to implement in future.

Q02. Elysian Fields: Are you thinking merging servers?
AV : No, it's out of the question. If we did something like that, Europeans would play with a big ping if we kept the NA server and vice versa.

Q03. Elysian Fields: Will you include PaySafe in game?
AV : Yes, we are almost ready to introduce a PaySafe option and we’ll have other payment options in the months to come.

Q04. Elysian Fields: Are we going to see a different crosshair maybe more df1 style?
AV : Yes.

Q05. Elysian Fields: Wobble?
AV : It will be removed.

Agent Elysianfields 007 got some screen shots! These were all legally smuggled out!  Minotaur leaked!

Q05. Elysian Fields: Housing changes?
AV : There will be many significant changes but NOT in the near future (from the details they told me I was like "omg wtf", truly amazing ideas).

Q06. Elysian Fields: Tabards?
AV : We would surely like to have tabards for the clans in the game but there are technical issues we have to address, so we can’t really say when or how they will be implemented.

Q07. Elysian Fields: Titles?
AV : Our plan is to eventually include a title system for pvp etc.

Q08. Elysian Fields: Any changes for clan rosters/ranks/access etc?
AV : Yes, clan changes are within our plans.

Q09. Elysian Fields: Any plans for server events?
AV : Yes... As you saw this past weekend, we started with GM controlled monsters. This wasn't a unique event... There will be more as well as some server world events.

Q10. Elysian Fields:Any plans to see PvP fights visible on map?
AV : Yes, we love the idea of a map showing small and large scale confrontations in real time, as they happen in the game, to create dynamic PvP hotspots.

Minotaur sighted!
Minotaur sighted!

Q11. Elysian Fields: Will you include an in game journal?
AV : Yes, soon!
Q12. Elysian Fields: What you plan about new players?
AV : We are preparing more tutorials, maybe an in game pvp tutorial / training arena or something like that.
Q13. Elysian Fields: DF 10 models?
AV : guys I can only tell that they aren't satisfied with current models....
Q14. Elysian Fields: More fluff in game?
AV : Yes, we will soon introduce an online shop with services and fluff staff.
Q15. Elysian Fields:  You are a Greek company... are we going to see a Greek themed city / dungeon / gear?
AV : Yes, it's something we have discussed much about. (Btw one of my photos shows an amazing Minotaur under construction.)

New Boaster Icons

Unundur spreading the good news nonstop. I bet he is typing the next patch update!
Q16. Elysian Fields: Are we going to see samurai gear in Eu/Na?
AV : We’re not really excited with the possibility...
Q17. Elysian Fields: PP vendor?
AV : It's under discussion.
Q18. Elysian Fields: How's the mentoring system goes? What about mentors giving to noobs trawlers?
AV : Mentoring system was a big success, more than we anticipated. We are tracking the mentors and a trawler nerf is a possibility.

In the mean time, in managers office Elysian Fields found...
This top secret weapon!
and Tasos himself!

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