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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Darkfall Quick Review: By a New Player


This is my take on Darkfall UW from a objective point of view since I have not played Darkfall 1. First of all, I have played most popular and indie mmo's available on the market. I am a fiend for open world pvp, conquest and sandbox elements so most games I play, I lean towards that but I have still tried out many themepark / semi-themepark games. I am also a amateur game developer so I have a decent idea of how these guys are designed, maintained and improved over time.

I will give my thoughts on the game here without any preconceived notions.



I love pvp in this game because I don't think its too fast or slow, its just in the middle somewhere. I have heard people complain about not enough to do, I think they are missing the point here. A game like DF is not meant to give you a reason to fight, it is to let you find your own reasons. When I played Mortal Online, we use to fight for resources, keeps, routes and sometimes for the sake of pvping. I think this feature can be improved but for a game developed by a small team, this has been a great experience so far.


I have always passionately hated pve, role playing and all the AI crap in a game because I love PVP and for the sake of pvp, I will craft(self sufficiency). So far, PVE is only in this game to give you the resources to eventually get to PVP. If you are looking for a story based, walk you along type of pve than you are in the wrong place. If you are looking to grind quickly to get to a pvp ready status than don't look any further. As I hate pve, I have not tried any dungeons or bosses yet so I am not going to comment on end game pve.

- Crafting

If you are a crafter than you will probably enjoy this game as much as I did as a pvper. Crafting system is quite similar to most other mmos out there but I find it easier. When I played Tera, enchanting was the simple reason I quit. You had to grind endless for gold to spend it on enchanting which would fail 8/10 times. It was soo annoying that I ended up leaving. I also did not craft in Tera just because it was not my thing to do. DF was a great experience when it came to crafting. You have to find your own way around but in a few weeks you will get a hold of the game and know exactly where to get all the resources from. After all, most people will only require Iron Ore, Timber, Raw Hides and Cotton in the beginning of the game. Later on you will get into some rare mats required to craft armor/weapons. I like it so far so go to hell if you don't

- UI

I have heard a lot of people complain about the UI but personally, I like it. I know its not the smoothest and has some bugs but I was a EVE player so this is right up my alley. I think most mmos don't feature a UI like this so people are confusing UI with Radial Wheels and other are confusing Radial Wheels with UI so they end up bashing everything. Radial Wheels are OK, personally I don't have a better suggestion so I will keep my criticism to myself. I like the organization of the UI but it could definitely be improved.

- Conquest

I am just starting to get into conquest game play and I love it. If you are new, I would suggest get your self a guild early on and try to help your guild as much as possible. This will make you a better player over all by practicing different aspects of the game. Conquest has been great so far but it could be improved. Attacking cities, taking over people's property and resource warfare is what made EVE successful. I see this game going down the same direction except (obviously) in a fantasy setting. I would recommend super rare resources given out by nodes around a city.

- Banking

I think the game is find with how banking is done however I would suggest local banking. The reason I suggest local banking is because it will create a profession (courier), it will add more risk to the game and it will also allow guilds to cut off supplies in warfare. This way you can have all the chaos banks, city banks and so on but they are only local OR you can always make banks in main cities as global but rest are local. I think it would add another dynamic to the end game. Imagine ganking a player and finding 10k gold and sets of armor that they were transporting to the front lines. This will also lead into mounts with transportation space and so on.

- 1v1 Combat

Radial Wheels are extremely difficult to use but I guess I can work with them since I have no better suggestion. I hate the old hot bars, I would like something in between Tera / Age of Conan type combat. However, I am pleased with what I see so far so I can make do. Its fun as hell dropping those salvos all over enemies but its not so much fun when you press the wrong key in middle of the combat because radial wheels suck ♥♥♥

- Feats

Feats are basically a ongoing quest that gives you reward for grinding. I think most games you have to grind to get somwhere so here DF is no different. Except, most games will hold you hand and tell you a story while DF will hit you in the face with reality, grind like a ♥♥♥♥♥ and you will get what you want.

Overall, I think the game is decent compared to most other mmos. Darkfall is somewhere in between Tera (themepark sandbox mmo) and Mortal Online (hardcore mmo). It is fun to play but hard to navigate in the start. I like it so far after a few weeks and I think I will like it for a very long time.

Tips for Beginners:

1. Once you leave the first town, find the nearest enemy in the green zone and kill it
2. Do not skip training (its not the best but without it you will be totally lost)
3. Mobs near main cities will give you great starting drops. Also, they will help you finish feats.
4. Stay in the safezone until you are about 3k PP.
5. Try to guild up before leaving the safe zone.
6. Ask questions, I have most of my questions answered in global quite quickly.
7. Don't listen to people that wine and make up your own mind about this game.
8. You will either love how this game is played out or you will flat out hate it. Either way, you will get something from it.
9. Don't get too attached to anything especially gear. Its easy to come by and easy to lose. I lose spiked armor all the time, it hurts but that is why i play the game but remember, it also feels great when you kick someones ♥♥♥ and take their ♥♥♥♥.
10. Don't complain. If you don't like the game, ask a few questions on the forum without stating that you don't like the game. After you have heard the answers to your problem or reason than make up your mind, keep subbing or unsub. It is no use to bash a game without constructive criticism. It is not easy to make games or manage them. 

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