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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Furlough and Bored? Give Darkfall a try

If you are in #GovernmentShutdown,  #Furlough  and #bored, I say give Darkfall Unholy Wars a try.  It is the cheapest form of entertainment out there.   Darkfall Unholy Wars is a sandbox MMORPG (PC game) where you develop an character "avatar" and go through adventures.  I have tons of video linked in my blog check them all out.

 Things you can do in Darkfall:
  • Level your character
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Engage in fighting
  • Trade
  • Ship Battle
  • Lead a clan and conquer land and cities
  • Buy a house/keep
  • Become a master crafter!
  • Become very good in this game and be a mercenary
  • Explore and help other players who are in trouble
  • Become a pirate.

Many of you are not into games, but trust me this could open up your world.

Here are some fact about Darkfall Unholy Wars:

  • Most Darkfall players are working adults.
  • You will find a very good social network
  • The game will challenge you and it is very unpredictable. 
  • Even if you are not good in games, there are so many ways to play this game, you will become useful.

Check my blog for few other article and video to get an idea.  You can pickup Darkfall Unholy Wars in Steam stores.

Here is a post I found in Steam forums:

Darkfall PVP: A Love Hate Relationship?
So I like the look of this game and solely on that have just taken the plunge and purchased. Trouble is I can't abide PVP. Most of the MMO's I've played I've managed to bluff and stumble my way through without really touching on the PVP elements.

Are there any players like myself who don't get along, shall we say, with PVP but are really into this heavy PVPcentric MMO and are doing just fine?

Or have I made the biggest mistake of my gaming life and will end up a quivering wreck of a noob in some corner of a faraway forest somewhere?

Thoughts please.

Response from one user
To answer your question, you can play this game without a lot of PvP BUT PvP is unavoidable.

Let me explain:
The game has a feat (Quest) system which gives your prowess. You can invest these prowesses to make your character strong. You can also choose to invest in crafting, construction, ship building. The idea is over time you will be able to attain over 250,000 prowess and be able to invest in all aspect of your character progression.

Inside the safe zone/starter area (green zone) you can’t be attacked by another player. Inside safe zone you can do many of the harvesting, crafting, and some PvE feats. In order to gather more valuable materials you can either buy them in Market Place (auction house) or venture into the non safe zone to farm/harvest them. The game play inside the safe zone is limited.

If you want to get a house, find treasure, chaos chest, do advance dungeon, build clan cities, go on fishing trip, do high end mobs then you have to leave safe zone. You can mitigate PvP by careful planning. That could mean the route you take, the mob spawn you visit, the time of the day you visit, the number of people you group up with. However you can mitigate but not avoid it 100%.

Dark Fall PvP comes in many flavor. Personally I am horrible in 1vs1 so I tend to do a lot of group pvp and I enjoy it. If 1on1 is not your style, you can choose to participate in group pvp which could mean capturing a village, going on a pirate mission, group up to defend your city from invaders, or go to a siege with your clan. Again you can choose no to do these activity and only defend yourself if you get jumped.

Final issue with pvp is losing your gear. Any gear you lose can be reacquired either through crafting or market place. If you don’t like to losing gear then you can always wear cheaper gear which are easily replaceable.

Conclusion is: DFUW is a sandbox game where you are free to define your play style. Find a clan that fits your play style and attitude. In NA1 server we have many clans where majority of the players are more into PvE then PvP. Since you bought the game, you have nothing to lose but play for 30 days and find out.

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