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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chaos refineries suggestion for Nethal mats

One fundamental issue with Darkfall is that almost everything can be crafted inside a holding once a player gathers all the materials.   This have negative impact on the game because players don't need to travel. This mechanism is counter intuitive for an open world game which should encourage players to be out in the world.

In order to increase game activity, travel and exploration, I suggest AV removes ONLY

Neithal Ingot
Neithal Cloth
Neithal Wood
Neithal Leather

processing from ALL clan crafting stations.  Neithal materials needs to be processed through chaos refineries listed below that are strategically placed. These chaos refineries shouldn't be confused with chaos crafting stations.  They can't craft anything else.

This will complement loot regionalization which is also being design to encourage players to travel and be in the open world.  AV should also reduce many of redundant chaos banks listed in here by Xpiher.

As you can see below, these refineries will overlap many region and will fuel conflict as players from different clan will likely to run into each other.

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